Olympic sport : Production of sports and entertainment equipment

We, Mehr Aria Olympic Sports Equipment Manufacturing Industries, proudly started our activities in the field of sports equipment production since 1999. At the beginning, we were a small workshop, but with determination and effort, we gradually turned into a large and reliable production complex in the field of sports and entertainment.  

2001 was an important turning point in our history; At that time, we decided to develop and update the devices and train the personnel. These changes caused a huge leap in the quality of production of recreational sports products in the country and made us one of the most reliable names in this industry.

Olympic Sports proudly offers its products to different markets. Among our customers, we can mention the country's rural schools, municipalities, schools in some areas of Alborz, Tehran, Fars, Ahvaz and other cities. Also, we are proud to have 6 active agents to sell our products on the Internet.
We are proud to announce that in 2020, we succeeded in obtaining the standard of game products from the standards department of Alborz province and added the possibility of exporting our products to Afghanistan and Iraq to our work file.

Currently, Olympic Sport is known as the Olympic Sport brand in the country's recreational sports industry with 40 expert personnel and using a 

modern space with an area of 2500 square meters and an infrastructure of about 3800 square meters

In addition, we have 2 interconnected halls with an area of 1700 square meters, finished product warehouse with an area of 750 square meters, 200 square meters of raw material storage space, 160 square meters of office area and 160 square meters of exhibition area. Also, we proudly have two production licenses in the field of amusement park machines and entertainment equipment.

We at Olympic Sports as an energetic team, focusing on quality and innovation, continue to produce and develop sports products for you dear athletes. Join us and experience a unique shopping experience with Olympic Sports