Review of the Foldable Tabletop Soccer S6


Handball soccer is one of the popular and well-known games in society that has managed to attract a large number of fans. This sport, due to its simple rules and its appeal to various individuals, has become one of the most popular games worldwide. In this article, we intend to introduce and examine the details of the "S6 Foldable Handball Table." The article includes the product introduction, comparison with similar models, its advantages and disadvantages, and finally, a conclusion for potential buyers interested in this product.

Product Introduction

The S6 Foldable Handball Table is a uniquely designed handball table. With its impressive technical details and stunning design, this product has captured the attention of handball fans. The table is constructed from MDF Lami Glass walls, providing high resistance and durability against scratches and heavy impacts. Additionally, its rods are of the 16-rod type with chrome plating, and metal bases are used for stability and support.

The playing field of this table is made of toughened glass, ensuring both beauty and game safety. The body color of the table is glossy brown, designed with PVC edges to prevent finger injuries. The wall washer is also designed with external bearing patterns to enhance the movement of the ball within the game.

The player figures, ball, and handles of this table are made of ABS-PVC and meticulously crafted to provide players with a better gaming experience. The table has four lockable wheels with a score of 7.5 and two stainless steel adjustable height bases. The external dimensions of the table are 70*140 centimeters, and its height is 90 centimeters. Additionally, the table includes a score counter, allowing players to accurately record game results.

Comparison with Similar Models:

Now that we are familiar with the technical details of the product, let's compare this handball table with similar models. The key features that distinguish the "S6 Foldable Handball Table" from other models include:

 Stunning Design: The beautiful and unique design of this handball table sets it apart from other models.

 Wall Material: The use of MDF Lami Glass enhances resistance to scratches and heavy impacts.

 Playing Field: Toughened glass ensures game safety.

 Wall Washer: External bearing patterns improve the movement of the ball within the game.

Pros and Cons:


 Attractive and unique design

 High resistance to heavy impacts

Game safety due to toughened glass playing field

 High-quality materials used

 Adjustable height of table bases


 Relatively high price compared to more common models

 Occupies a significant space in the installation location


The "S6 Foldable Handball Table" is a handball table with a stunning design and excellent technical details. This product, with unique features such as an attractive design, high resistance, and game safety, provides an amazing experience in handball. Although its price is relatively high compared to some similar models and it occupies a considerable space, in terms of build quality, this table is an excellent choice for enthusiasts of this sport. Ultimately, purchasing this S6 Foldable Handball Table transforms into an unparalleled experience in handball, allowing players to spend enjoyable time with friends and family.


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