Ping pong table C3 SUPER with chipboard wheels

Title: Overview and Review
Higlass Black S12 Table Football

Hello! Welcome to our online sports and entertainment store. Today, we introduce to you an extremely exciting and attractive product: the Higlass Black S12 Table Football.

This table football is perfect for all sports and entertainment enthusiasts. Crafted with MDF Lami Glass material, you can be confident in its high quality. The playing field of this table football is made of tempered glass, allowing you to enjoy watching the exciting and thrilling moves of your players during the game.

The ball and handles of this table football are made of ABS-PVC, providing high resistance and impact tolerance. With a height of 90 centimeters and external dimensions of 70*140 centimeters, this product is suitable for challenging your skills with friends anytime, anywhere, offering moments full of fun and joy.

The Higlass Black S12 Table Football is one of the best options available in our store. With this creative and high-quality product, share joyful and entertaining moments with your family and friends.